Stats and decklists galore from SeatStory Cup 2

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 24 October 2014 11:36

We've collected more than 100 decks from the recent SeatStory Cup II and crunched the class numbers after four days of competition over at Take's appartment.

For four days, 32 players slinged cards and chilled down at the second edition of SeatStory Cup, vying for the grand prize of $10,000. Going undefeated through the group stages and the playoffs, it was Liquid's Janne "Savjz" Mikkonen with the crown, overpowering eSuba's Jan "Mirrari" Jestříbek in the finals.

As is GosuGamers tradition, after every notable event we sit down and gather as many decklists as possible. Let's see what the better part of the participants brough to Krefeld:

Looking at stats, a lot of players decided to go for Warrior and Druid this tournament, which is quite different compared to what we had at Viagame House Cup where Hunter and Shaman were the popularity kings. In both tournaments, however, we have Mage at third place in popularity and it really seems that Jaina is the big winner of the current meta, climbing out of the pit of rejected classes.

Win-rates-wise, Shaman and Rogue are on the top, largely carried by Savjz's run through the tournament. The Finn was 10-0 on his double Doomhammer Shaman and 10-3 on his Malygos Miracle and is the name that contributes to this numbers the most. 

Second in this department is Rogue, which enjoys another top three win-rate spot together with House Cup. In both tournaments, Valeera boasted a strong 60%+ win-rate, proving that Miracle is still a viable build, even without the Leeroy Jenkins burst. 

Third is Warlock but Gul'Dan actually sees a great drop in performance compared to HouseCup. If Warlock was at 63% in Stockholm, he's now at 54%, punished a lot by the new Miracle builds, as well as various Druid decks that made appearance in Krefeld. 

To see all numbers from this and other tournaments, visit our class stats page and use the filter and compare functions.