SeatStory Cup 2 day one: Kolento solidifies world #1, Warrior most played class

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 17 October 2014 11:26

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The Viagame House Cup champion continues his impressive streak as he destroys his group at SSC day one and goes up to 84,6% win rate for the last two months.

NOTE: VODs are in the process of being uploaded. 

Most of the SeatStory 2 groups played last night didn't offer any surprises. In the Group A of Death, Savjz and Gaara edged out Gnimsh and ThijsNL, pushing them out of the top 30 in their region. In Group B, another Liquid member took the first spot as Amaz ascended to the top through victories over Alesh and Trump. The "Mayor of Value Town" managed to eventually take the second spot in the group, continuing his streak of good tournament performances after his top 4 at VGVN #2 and Deck Wars S2 and third place at Heroes of Cards.

In Group C, Kolento expectedly ruled with an iron fist. The House Cup champion and the favorite to be a BlizzCon grand finalist was flawless in his run and continues his undefeated streak this month, now up to 7-0. Combined with his 22-4 in September, Kolento is thus far at 84,6% win-rate and if he continues winning game, he's likely to beat Rdu's record of 1,280 ranking points before the tournament is over. Behind him came Spanish underdog PiniAwesome, who eliminated home-turf players Skip and Ikarus. 

In the group of weekly cup regulars, eSuba's Mirrari and former Innovation captain Theude managed to advance onwards, leaving open qualifier winners Freakeh and Dorgen out of the competition. 

The competition continues today with four more Ro32 groups. Group E comes first, featuring Hearthstone powerhouse StrifeCro, alongside PkD's Lothar, and StarCraft household names Artosis and Socke. Other notable names will also make an appearance today, including Reynad, Ekop, Forsen, Kaldi, Dog, Xixo and Sjow, among others. 

Stats-wise, Warrior wins the popularity contest, played in 48% of the day one games. Druid is second with 41%, followed by Hunter with the unusually low 25%. In the win-rate graph, Shaman leads the charge with 92% win-rate, though with his 20% popularity this is likely an anomaly. Same goes for Rogue, with the class being at 67% win-rate but with only 9% game participation. Once again, Hunter comes third with 56% win-rate.

There are still a plenty of games before the tournament, is over, so we expect these stats to change before Sunday is over. 

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