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All decklists from WCA 2014

Check out what the top 4 finalists of the $190,000 played or browse the full decklist gallery.

With the Hearthstone World Cyber Arena 2014 tournament concluded, we take a moment to review the decklists of the top finishers. Each participant brought five decklists to the tournament. Here they are, from first place through fourth:


1. China LiBo

LiBo was the only top 4 finisher to include a Mage deck.


2. China Fishy Fairy


3. Germany Gaara

Gaara had the most unique class choices of the top 4 finalists, as the only respresentative of both Hunter and Paladin.


4. Romania Rdu

Rdu has shown us time and time again how comfortable he is with control Warrior, and he was the only top 4 competitor to play the deck here.

All four players brought some variant of Druid, Priest and Warlock, with the Chinese players choosing Zoo and the European players choosing Handlock.

What do you think of these decklists? Tell us in the comments section!

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