Ignite, BlazingGlory released from MYM

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

Meet Your Makers part ways with two of their players in Nuno "Ignite" Pinho and Asen "BlazingGlory" Bukov, leaving the roster down to five players.

Ignite and BlazingGlory have been part of MYM Hearthstone since division's creation and have been active contributors to team's excellent performance in the Gentlemen Cup league. While BlazingGlory remained mostly a weekly cup regular, Ignite made several appearances in online televised events and showmatches, finishing top 8 in both Prismata Cups and beating DTwo in the fourth Cooler Master Showmatch. Currently, Ignite is ranked 13th in Europe and 35th in the world on GosuRankings while BlazingGlory is 51st and 21st, respectively.

Despite players' overal solid results, MYM have announced they will be releasing them from the team. In an official statement, MYM's manager Damir Dedic writes:

BlazingGlory and Ignite were a great addition to our team. Both were a fundamental basis in pushing each other and always bringing motivation into the team. We definitely have to pay them really high credit for that. Unfortunatelly we weren’t on the same level in thermes of future development. According to that we both decided to go separate ways from now. I personally wish them the best of luck for the future and I am looking forward to see them soon back in action against our team.

MYM Hearthstone roster:

Romania Rdu
Netherlands ThijsNL
Germany Kunzi
Germany Skip
Sweden Semijew