GosuCup #18 brackets are live

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 10 August 2014 14:00


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We're happy to announce that the GosuCup Hearthstone tournaments will make two appearances on August 10th and August 24th, giving away two BlizzCon qualifier spots to the winners in addition to our regular prize pool of $100.

Many of you might've read our announcement from two weeks ago, which said GosuCups were going on a break after seventeen editions and explained in details the reasons why. 

As we wrote in this post - we continued to fight for GosuCup recognition from Blizzard's side and today we're happy to say we did it. Next month, two editions of GosuCup will be marked eligible for a BlizzCon qualifier spot, meaning that we'll seed two of our winners directly into the last qualifier tournament before the big World Championship event.

The first BlizzCon eligible GosuCup tournament will be held on August 10th, Sunday, 14:00 CET. Most of the format remains the same as previous cups - Bo3 single elimination with Bo5 for quarter finals and on. However, to make the competition a bit more fair and to test players' deckbuilding skills and mastery with different classes, we're including two additional rules, namely: 

  • When a player loses with a certain class, that class is eliminated for the series. He/she can play it again in the next round if he/she advances
  • Sideboarding is still allowed, but players are not allowed to exit the challenge screen. This will still allow the mindgames of GosuCup matches regarding archetype changes but will prevent full-on deck/class counter by targeted side-boarding. This should also mitigate the hard-counter effect of Hearthstone matches


A few important bullet points to summarize everything:


  • Tournament start: Aug 10. 14:00 CET
  • Registrations close: Aug 10, 14:00 CET
  • Check in period: 12:00 CET - 14:00 CET
  • Type in your full Battletag when you register for the tournament, i.e. Nydra#0000
  • Players are required to result matches themselves
    • ​Every match of the series must be resulted one by one
    • It's preferred that the losing player reports his defeat
    • Players must make and keep end-of-game screenshots to prove their victory in case a conflict arises
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