DreamHack Summer Day 1: Live Blog

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

DreamHack Summer in on the way with lots of Hearthstone action. Follow the day with our live blog!

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Notable eliminations
BYOC Qualifier
Denmark DuckWingFACE Slovakia Silhan Germany Faramir Poland Zozus
United States Dart Portugal Ignite Netherlands Gradeforu United States Brad
Sweden Spo Sweden Sjow Denmark Chacruna Netherlands Portex
Sweden Legendaren Sweden Ostakaka Sweden Airbrushed Sweden Forsen
Germany Xixo      
Main event
Finland Savjz Romania Danielctin14    


Main event

Open bracket

Upper Bracket

Lower Bracket


Best of 3


00:30 CET - Sweden Darkwonyx and United States TidesofTime out of DreamHack Summer as day one completes

22:45 CET - United States Reynad follows Ek0p into playoffs after taking revenge on Romania Danielctin14

Reynad's Hunter continues to deliver good results on DreamHack soil. The American player scoreboarded a 2-0 against Bucharest silver medalist Danielctin14, beating his Mage and Miracle in two tense games. This is a revenge victory for Reynad who lost to the Romanian in Group A's opening match earlier, a series played off stream.

Reynad's triumph closes Group A and moves him into the top eight of DreamHack Summer, while Danielctin14 follows Savjz out of the tournament.

21:55 CET - Germany Ek0p first to playoffs with a flawless 4-0

Yet to be defeated on stage, DogeHouse's Ek0p moves on to the DreamHack quarterfinals, banking a 2-0 against Bucharest silver medalist Danielctin14. The power of the token Druid broke the spine of the face Hunter and miracle Rogue of the Romanian (the latter thanks to a second Savage Roar topdeck) and Danielctin 14 will now have to go through Reynad if he's to keep his tournament life.

21:05 CET - Finland Savjz the first out of DreamHack main event

Curse captain Savjz packs his bags as he gets ousted from the tournament by Tempo Storm founder Reynad after a three-game series, quite worth watching.

The series began with a Druid mirror which went into Reynad's favor. Even though the American "misplayed" some of his turns and was punished by the burning rope of the timer, Savjz's Ragnaros on the other side of the board couldn't land the finishing blow. 

Savjz did recover in game two, getting a great starting hand with Miracle, even drilling through a T1 Sen'jin Shieldmasta. In game three however, as he faced Reynad's Hunter, it was the Finn who experienced the turn time limit. The rope burned out before Savjz could heal himself with an Eearthen Ring Farseer, giving easy lethal to Reynad.

19:40 CET - Another win for Romania as Romania Rdu upsets Curse's Sweden Darkwonyx

 For Bucharest top 4 finisher Rdu, this was a big match. Featured on the main stream, the Romanian had to play Curse powerhouse and undefeated Fight Night player Darkwonyx in the opening match of Group B.

Running a Druid deck against Rdu's frost Mage, Darkwonyx set up an early 1-0 lead but his joy was shortlived. As most people would predict, a miracle came out of the Romanian and after some tough decisions and card draw mayhems, the underdog stood atop the Swedish beast with a 2-1. Rdu will play the winner of TidesofTime and Realz next.

19:30 CET - Bucharest runner-up Romania Danielctin14 deals a 2-1 beating to United States Reynad

This match was not streamed, hence the twitter updates from Frodan.

18:30 CET - Germany Ek0p opens Ro16 with 2-0 against ex-teammate Finland Savjz

Doge powerhouse Ek0p put a strong showing against Savjz, pinning back-to-back victories thanks to his token Druid to deal the Finn his first loss in the tournament. Savjz brough a Miracle Rogue and a Shaman to the table but the aggression from the German was the downfall of the Curse captain.