Clash in Asia between SEA and China

Hearthstone Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

Europe and China squared off already, now it's Southeast Asia's place to take on the Chinese. Four brave warriors of SEA will get the opportunity to fight against Chinese players for honor, bragging rights and roughly $6,400 USD.

About a month ago China and Europe met on the virtual table in the Hearthstone Inn to fight each other. Europe came out on top with Savjz, Lifecoach, Rdu and Beherit sweeping the Chinese. It was an easy 4-0 victory with only three games surrendered amounting to a stunning and lopsided victory of 12-3 in games - total domination by the four Euros. Now China has a chance to get back on the winning roads against Southeast Asia, who are next in the challenge.

Organizers of that series announced the two steps of the qualifier for SEA today, including the popular Battlestone tournaments. For a while those tournaments have been going on as a weekly competition for the SEA players, the seventh and eighth edition of which will now offer additional incentive. The top 16 players of those two cups will get the opportunity to advance to the final double-elimination qualifier stage, of which only four players will come out. 

No detailed information for the Chinese side of the tournament has been disclosed yet, but GosuGamers sources told us that China's four will be determined through a complex series of qualifiers.

Once in the grand final series, every winning player will receive $1,600 USD for himself, adding up to up to $6,400 USD for the entire team. Eligible to play for SEA are Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam - the same nations we have already seen competing for the first eHL crown organized by Epic Gaming Television.



  • Qualifier 1: Battlestone Week 7, June, 7th
  • Qualifier 2: Battlestone Week 8, June, 14th
  • Final Bracket: 1 PM HKT (6 AM CEST) - June, 15th


Source: Hearthstone SEA Facebook