Team SoloMid venture into Hearthstone, pick up Massan

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tsm hearthstone massan
Photo: MLG

The successful brand of LoL origins signs former SC 2 professional Harry "Massan" Cheong to lay the foundations of TSM Hearthstone.

TSM was founded in the fall of 2009 by two brothers and League of Legends players Andy "Reginald" Dinh and Dan "DanDinh" Dinh and has since become one of the most successful emblems in professional LoL. For its four-year-long competitive history starting  in 2011, the team boasts seventeen top 2 finishes in major and premier events, of which ten first places. 

The brand now aims to transitions its fame and recognition in Blizzard's card game Hearthstone as well as they pick up Harry "Massan" Cheong as the centerpiece of their TSM Hearthstone division. Massan himself is no stranger to professional gaming, having been an active StarCraft 2 player since beta, having played for names like Quantic Gaming and IvDgaming, the latter of which he left in February this year.

The official statement on TSM's Facebook reads:

We are excited to announce that we picked up Harry "MaSsan" Cheong as our first ever Hearthstone player! MaSsan is a skilled Hearthstone streamer with peaks of 15,000 concurrent viewers. He’s an entertaining player with a history in StarCraft II’s pro scene. His commentaries and explanations can greatly help viewers improve their own performance.

Hearthstone has been growing at an astounding rate since last year and is currently the 3rd most popular game on Twitch. The competitive scene is flourishing thanks to the large amount of tournaments available. Last year’s BlizzCon Hearthstone Innkeeper Invitational received 100,000 viewers for the finals.

We believe in the future of Hearthstone and are looking forward to expanding in the scene.