Curse adds Alchemixt as second player

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

According to Alchemixt's twitter page, the North American player has joined Janne "Savjz" Mikkonen as the newest addition to Curse's roster. 

Although an official statement from Curse is still lacking, the change in Dan "Alchemixt" Walton's twitter name as well as his absence from the DKMR team roster page are big indications for the transfer. Walton is known for being a quadruple IHearthU King of the Hill champion (stopped by Chakki on April 10th, VODs of the match here) and his recent Deck Wars victory over TheGwalls.

Тhe transfer will mean that Don't Kick My Robot lose their most recognized and most televised star while Curse HS - established in early April this year - will gain another powerhouse to compliment fan favorite Savjz. Whether more signings will come from Curse remains to be seen.

UPDATE: DKMR captain Poach confirmed to GosuGamers that Walton has indeed joined Curse, effective yesterday.