Amaz back with NESL crown

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[deck linked style=float:right;margin-left:15px;margin-bottom:10px;margin-right30px;]513[/deck]After Reynad recaptured the throne two weeks ago, record king Amaz now returns for a second reign, following a win against Chakki.

While the drought of King's defending their title stays prevalent in the National ESL's version of the King of the Hill, returning champions are all the hype these days. Two weeks ago former king Reynad got invited back to the play-ins, taking his second crown - as the first person to ever achieve that. Unfortunately for the popular streamer the reign was ended just as quickly as the first one, this time by Chakki. The grudge match between the two rivals was the main attraction of the last week but is now topped by the return of the longest reigning NESL King Amaz.

The player from Hong Kong, who initially took the crown from Reynad in the fourth edition of the event, reigned supreme for three weeks. The "Priest King" is actually the only person in the history of the NESL format to have successfully defended the throne, making him easily the most successful player in the King of the Hill tournament by the North American league. 

Now Amaz is back on the throne, coming off Tuesday night's showdown against Varranis and Chakki. The first match against the DKMR player was highly contested contested, but went in the favor of Amaz. The RNG was on the side of ROOT's player in clutch moments, giving him the Execute after a Slam to finish of a Mountain Giant, or letting him live by the sliver of 1 HP against a Hunter topdecking. The latter happened the fourth match against Varranis, with the score 2-1 in favor of the ROOT Gaming player. Amaz barely came out of the onslaught of the mid-range Hunter, hanging on by a threat. He survived two turns like this, with Varranis not getting any direct damage whatsoever. Amaz fist pumped on cam, showed his usual emotions and was one step closer to becoming the second player in history to have a second reign on the throne.

That quest was fulfilled quickly, since the reigning king Chakki could get absolutely nothing going against Amaz. Even with the favorable matchup of Handlock against the Druid in the first match, the newest acquisition of Clarity Gaming had no chance. Nothing went his way, Amaz got every answer, every card and everything in the game working his way - getting him to a second reign on the back of a 3-0 performance. 

With only two more editions of the NESL King of the Hill this "preseason", Amaz has no chance to eclipse his own mark for consecutive wins, merely the opportunity to become a model of consistency in the league. His first challenger will come next Tuesday.

If you want to turn that rate around, you can sign up for the NESL Preseason cups, especially the one on Sunday, to maybe get your ticket to the King of the Hill tournament. Every winner of the Sunday festivities automatically goes to the play-in matches, where he faces an invited acclaimed player of North America and the NESL. Sign ups for this weeks edition can be found here.

Round 1 - Best of 5


Round 2 - Best of 5