The first VODs of OGN Invitational are here

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 17 March 2014 22:00

The OGN Invitational is under way. Broadcast weekly, the tournament will feature eight players of Hearthstone and StarCraft fame in a long battle for the lions share of the $21,000.

The eight players are initially divided into two teams of four and go through three stages of competition before the final bracket is set:

Stage 1: Four 1v1 Bo1 matches. If score is tied, an ace match is played
Stage 2: Two 2v2 Bo3 matches. If score is tied, an ace match is played
Stage 3: All-kill (winner stays, losing team sends another player)

After these three stages are done, the three best players of the winning team advance to the four-man single elimination bracket. The fourth player of the winning team plays the person with the best score from the losing team to fill the fourth spot. 

Stage 1 began last night with Savjz against Yellow and Grrrr vs Hafu. VODs can be found below and so can the GosuBet pages for the next matches.


Team Giants   Team Big Game Hunters VOD
Finland  Savjz
Korea  YellOw VOD
Canada  Grrrr
United States  Hafu VOD
United States Artosis Mar 23 United States Trump Bet!
Korea Gerrard Mar 23 Korea GoRush Bet!


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