Purify Priest is a cheap and awesome deck to play in Un'Goro, and here's our guide for it

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

Priest has had an interesting journey into Un’Goro and the class has undergone several iterations between optimal builds were found. Nowadays, you will often encounter the so-called Lyra Miracle builds or the new Dragon Control lists, but if there’s one deck that truly appeared out of nowhere it’s the Inner Fire combo Priest.

Before Un’Goro and cards like shadow visions and humongous razorleaf, the pair of inner fire and divine spirit were almost exclusive domain to streamers who just want to have fun with the class. The archetype never became a tournament or ladder staple, but it’s close to that now. Of course, purify is also involved, not just for redundancy but to silence all the naysayers.

The archetype plays exactly as you imagine: Drop big dudes who can’t attack, silence away their drawback and buff them to extraordinary proportions. In his video guide, JoRoSaR walks you through not only a couple of the most popular lists, but also key strategic points and the core cards of the deck to help you better understand how to win with this not-gimmicky-any-more Priest list.

Besides fun, the deck is also quite cheap and can easily be built with no legendaries whatsoever unlike the Lyra Miracle for example, though barnes is a cool minion to play in this. We hope you enjoy this guide, as more are coming in the next few days.

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