Hearthstone deck guide: Tempo Mage in Gadgetzan Standard

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

Tempo Mage has been dormant since the release of Gadgetzan but it’s been slowly creeping back into the meta. First re-discovered by the Chinese Hearthstone community, Tempo Mage was recently picked up by Luminosity Gaming during their stay in the east to successful apply face-wreckage to people in western tournaments.

To sum up the deck in short, Tempo Mage is a midrange-style deck which uses cheap minions and removal spells to establish control from the early turns and maintain tempo (hence the name) throughout the entire match, effectually culminating into a dead enemy. Even in the Pirate-infested waters of Gadgetzan, the deck competes well with the aggro decks due to arcane blast, arcane missiles, frostbolt and similar cards and is favored against control decks by default.

The best thing about Tempo Mage is that it doesn’t need any Gadgetzan cards, which means that if you played the deck before but shelved it in favor of small-time buccaneer (can’t say we blame you), you can just whip it out and find it’s still good while needing no work.

The video guide below will teach you how to build and mulligan to play the deck efficiently and covers three distinct lists for your playstyle preferences. If Tempo Mage is not your thing, though, worry not: We still have you covered as our deck guides playlist on GosuGamersHS YouTube channel has plenty more for you to look at.


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