Video deck guide: Worgen OTK Warrior

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

Combo decks have always had a special place in card games. They require careful planning, pitch-perfect board control and amped-up deck cycling to reach their win condition and evaporate their opponents in one go.

Hearthstone is known for having a handful of combo decks which have dominated the meta at one point or another. Miracle Rogue. Patron Warrior and Freeze Mage are perhaps the three best known such decks, but there’s a fourth one that often remains forgotten despite its many strengths: Worgen OTK Warrior.

The deck relies on Warrior’s superior board clear mechanics, ranging from cheap hard removal like execute and shield slam to AoE combo clears with wild pyromancer, commanding shout and whirlwind effects. In addition, it’s chock full of deck cycling with slam, acolyte of pain and the powerful battle rage to get through the chaff and find its precious raging worgen/charge combo.

Worgen Warrior is incredibly fun to play, though it might be somewhat challenging to new players as its pilots will have to navigate between card advantage and board clear turns to the best of their abilities. The deck performs fantastically against slow control decks (Paladins, Priests, etc.) and is a natural predator of ZooLock, whose constant Life Tapping puts it in range of the Worgen Burst more quickly. While playing it, beware of fast decks which can put you on the clock: Worgen Warrior is all about surviving till the combo is drawn and aggressive builds can threaten your strategy.

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