Video deck guide: C'Thun Warrior

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 18 November 2016 14:14

JoRoSaR is back with another GosuGamers video deck guide, focusing on the divine-powered C'Thun Warrior: A solid, control deck and a metagame staple.

Warrior has always been one of the dominant control classes of the game. A master of the removal with such cards as Execute, Brawl, Shield Slam and Fiery War Axe, Garrosh rarely lets anything live for more than a turn or two.

The class benefited a lot from the arrival of the Old Gods and especially C'Thun. A removal/finisher of its own, the poster boy for the expansion added a lot of fire power to the control builds of Warrior and was a perfect fit to the heavy arsenal of early and mid-game board control mechanics.

Two distinct C'Thun Warrior builds were developed in the Standard meta, one being a more straightforward one with a few mid-game threats, while the other emphasised on cycling the deck as quick as it can and clearing the board through Wild Pyromancer / Commanding Shout combos to find the old god and finish the game.

In this video guide, JoRoSaR examines both playstyles and provides decklist variations for you to try on your climb to legend.

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