HCT 2017 - Winter Championship

HCT 2017 - Winter Championship

General information

Prize pool - $250,000
1. $60,000
2. $40,000
3-4. $20,000
5-8. $12,500
9-16. $7,500
Tournament Structure
GROUP STAGE -- March 23-24

Location: Melia Nessau Beach, Bahamas
- Double elimination groups
- 1 player per region
- Top 2 advance to playoffs
- Best of 7 Conquest with 1 ban
PLAYOFFS --- March 25-26

Location: Melia Nessau Beach, Bahamas

- 8 players
- Single Elimination
- Best of 7 Conquest with 1 ban
Americas: Europe: Asia-Pacific: China:
Canada.gif DocPwn Russia.gif Pavel Chinese%20Taipei.gif SamuelTsao China.gif Lovelychook
United%20States.gif DrJikininki Russia.gif ShtanUdachi

Hong%20Kong.gif Yulsic

China.gif Lvge
United%20States.gif Fr0zen Ukraine.gif Neirea

Japan.gif b787

China.gif OmegaZero
United%20States.gif Tarei United%20Kingdom.gif Greensheep South%20Korea.gif Palmblad China.gif Xhope
Broadcast talent
Host: Frodan
Casters: Sottle, Raven, Kibler, Azumoqt

HCT 2017 - Winter Championship Live Streams

Group stage

News for HCT 2017 - Winter Championship

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A 150-minute marathon of a match became the highlight of Friday night.

Europe is two for two after first day of HCT Winter

ShtanUdachi and Neirea are a lock for the playoffs and one more win away from a spot at worlds.

Decklist spolight: All decks from the HCT Winter Championship

What is the meta like at the biggest event of the season?

The groups for the Winter Championship are out, “Pick your champion” is back

Neirea, Palmblad, and Lovelychook form the group of death.

Decklist spotlight: The decks of the APAC Winter Playoffs winners

What decks won the last major tournament before the Spirit Class and Small-Time Buccaneer nerfs?

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CN Winter Playoffs (Completed)

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