Celestial Invitational 2016

Celestial Invitational 2016

General information

Prize pool - $60,000
Group stage: $30,000
Playoffs: $30,000
GROUP STAGE -- Oct 18 - Dec 3

- 12 players
- Two round robin groups of 6
- Best of 17 with all 9 classes
- Top 4 advance to playoffs
- Winner of each group stage match wins $1,000
-- Playoffs format to be determined

- A new format is chosen each week
- Week 1: Last Hero Standing + Standard
- Week 2: Last Hero Standing + Wild (GvG-set banned)
- Week 3: Last Hero Standing + Wild (Naxx-set banned)
- Week 4: Last Hero Standing + Wild
- Week 5: Conquest + Standard

Celestial Invitational 2016 Live Streams

Group stage

News for Celestial Invitational 2016

Half of the finalists for Celestial Invitational have been determined

It has been a tournament of much needed recovery for ThijsNL.

Eloise tops Group A of Celestial Invitational, lock for playoffs (decklists inside)

The Tempo Storm player is the first to advance to the $30,000 final stage.

Decklist spotlight: Rdu, Xixo, ZhangBo and Breath play Wild in Celestial Invitational

The tournament changed formats to be the first international major to use Wild.

Europe in the lead in Celestial Invitational after week 1 (Kolento/Lovelychook decklists inside)

Four of the five European invites scored wins in their opening matches.

All decklists from the Rdu/Eloise match-up in Celestial Invitational

Radu “Rdu” Dima took another series for Europe, trumping Tempo Storm’s Haiyun “Eloise” Tang on Saturday.

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