GosuCup HCT 2017 - Americas

GosuCup HCT 2017 - Americas

General Information

Prize pool - 16 HCT points
1. 5 points
2. 3 points
3-4. 2 points
5-8. 1 point

- Standard (no Naxx and GvG cards)
- Open registrations
- Single elimination
- Bo5 Conquest
- All cups start at 17:00 EST (23:00 CET)

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News for GosuCup HCT 2017 - Americas

GosuCup HCT expands to three cups a week starting second week of March

We’re taking a break this week, but come March 8 our circuit of open cups will return bigger.

Decklist spotlight: The winning decks from GosuCup HCT AM #1

Matt “Noblord” Koutsoutis became the first GosuCup AM champion of the new year, and this is what he played.

Want to play against Naiman or world champion Pavel and win HCT points? Register for GosuCup HCT AM

GosuGamers’ cup of open circuits is flying oversees tonight at 23:00 CET / 17:00 EST to accommodate the Americas population.

GosuCup HCT returns for 2017 in Europe and Americas. Register now

We’re ready to announce our first GosuCup tournaments for the new season, beginning January 11.

Cup #1 (Completed)

Cup #2 (Completed)

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