Archon Team League Championship

  • Prize pool US$250,000
  • Start date 1 Jul 2015
  • End date 1 Sep 2015

Prize pool - $250,000

1. $150,000 USD
2. $60,000 USD
3. $30,000 USD


Participating teams

  Nihilum   Cloud9
  Value Town   Team Celestial

Main event

Group stage
  • Team matches are Bo11.
  • Round-Robin
  • Status: Completed
  • Double elimination, Team "Conquest" format.
  • Status: Completed

Location: United States  


Archon Team League Championship

1 Jul 2015
Live Finale - Live finale
Round robin - Group stage

News & Features

Archon Team League Championships: The ultimate overview

The Archon Team League Championships (ATLC) saw its first two weeks of play. This is where GosuGamers steps in, bringing you profiles of the teams, how they did up until now as well as a prediction for the rest of the regular season of Hearthstone's biggest event asides BlizzCon thus far.

Hearthstone GosuGamers
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