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Chekuda vs XpreZ


Rank: -

Country: Russia Russia


55 % 45
14564 11916
93 bets 83


Rank: -

Country: Norway Norway



Amount of bets: 176 ( 26,479)
Event: » Pick League Playoffs
Best of: 1
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: October 18, 2009 at 12:00
Posted by: Tjernobylbarnet

Match description

Special Slot Playoffs
Losers Bracket, round 1

Comments (Closed)

New ZealandHoneYYY 8 years, 22 weeks ago
nice game,,
#17 xD nice sandking
AustriaSanguinius 8 years, 22 weeks ago
i turned off after 3min @ wyndon by watching 3min the lasthits of jugger with quelling blade xD (4 cs) :))))) + whirl into nothing :S even not close to dmg puck/sk gggg
Polandxluzakx 8 years, 22 weeks ago
puck n' sand king <3
PolandwYnDoN 8 years, 22 weeks ago
cm/jugger is strong lane vs heroes that can't escape as easily as puck/sandking - but still they continued to frostbite/nova puck and jugger continued to spin, even though it doesn't make any sense.... Monster, you had an awesome es early, one of the best I saw, but suddenly you started doing cocky actions, which eliminated your advantage. I lost 400 tangos. GG
GreeceBlue_Kamikazi 8 years, 22 weeks ago
Gj to Xprez team
NorwayMonsteR_- 8 years, 22 weeks ago
i blame maRRe
Swedenwall-eater 8 years, 22 weeks ago
noob monster, why no carry?
NorwayMonsteR_- 8 years, 22 weeks ago
team want me to make dagger travels instead of battlefury butter buriza for shakr...
BangladeshSn4k3y- 8 years, 22 weeks ago
unknown teams hehe.gif
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