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CLG vs coL


Rank: -

Country: Sweden Sweden

Clan: Counter Logic

76 % 24
45135 14254
231 bets 120


Rank: -

Country: United States United States

Clan: Team Liquid


Amount of bets: 351 ( 59,388)
Event: » The Premier League
Best of: 3
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: April 22, 2012 at 17:01
Posted by: Ex1leZ

Comments (Closed)

RomaniaEXz178 6 years, 3 days ago
no chance for coL...Pj'll rape them..
BrazilCalebe 6 years, 3 days ago
United Stateskelua4 6 years, 3 days ago
CoL get your act together man.
GreeceAcential 6 years, 2 days ago
If loda doesnt play from his i-phone easy for Sweden.
BangladeshWahid145 6 years, 1 day ago
i dont understand new teams before having sponcers remains so strong.. but after having a decent sponcer they start playing like trie 2-3 teams crazy.gif
BulgariaMoneymon 6 years, 1 day ago

Even after acquiring the sponsor, they did really well in the TPL, ranking #2.
United Statessspikachu 6 years, 1 day ago
col was just hot like how a sport team gets hot but now they in a storm and can't get out ....
United Statestenspeed 6 years, 15 hours ago
all tpl matches are bo3... sleepy.gif

please change
Ukraineoprime 6 years, 12 hours ago
"Thx" TPL for Dailymotion
GreeceE4lnf 6 years, 12 hours ago
My bet: 6754 on CLG.
With these percentages, you may win: 8045.
So low :(
Argentinabladedave 6 years, 10 hours ago
gogo CLG
Viet Namhanda 6 years, 9 hours ago
Needs lower resolutions.
OtherFLatra 6 years, 8 hours ago
#10 crazy.gif idiot
Bulgariadyfs 5 years, 52 weeks ago
Lets go CLG !!!
Philippinesiii. 5 years, 52 weeks ago
good match
OtherBernardBlack 5 years, 52 weeks ago
coL < SWYC SL Pros -13 pts
coL < Keita SL Pros walkover
coL < EPIDEMIC SL Pros -12 pts
coL < Showmatch +/- 0

KazakhstanINS.GG 5 years, 52 weeks ago
CLG ofc...
DenmarkNidhug 5 years, 52 weeks ago
#12 is on to something. As long as the streams keep staying in only high resolution it isunwatchable for many people. This adds to the frustration present in the first season of TPL and it pictures the organizers as a bit 'happy-go-lucky'. I find this sad as this is an event with many good games, which are worth watching and learning from.
Franceshirotsugh 5 years, 52 weeks ago
#18 You can always right-click in the stream video and select quality you want from the settings. It's not the same thing as choosing 720/480/320, but it still can help with the performance.

As for the match, hopefully COL will show that they can compete.
Viet NamDiamond9091 5 years, 52 weeks ago
LOL now the VoDs cannot be fastfowarded do I need to wait 2 hours to watch the game 2 ...
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