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Rank: #7 (1,324 pts)

Country: Philippines Philippines

Clan: Mineski

40 % 60
18544 27816
221 bets 171


Rank: #13 (1,241 pts)

Country: Malaysia Malaysia

Clan: eClub


Amount of bets: 392 ( 46,359)
Event: » WCG Asian Championship 2011
Best of: 1
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: November 13, 2011 at 12:02
Posted by: Renesmee

Match description

WCG Asian Championship 2011


Comments (Closed)

Philippinesjamesrule1 6 years, 18 weeks ago
All in ! MI..sure! santa.gif
OtherGhadz 6 years, 18 weeks ago
MI 4 sure
Philippinesmeepolooser 6 years, 18 weeks ago
another faceoff between MUFC and MI after TGX ^^ voted 3/4 of tanggos for MI
United StatesAzarkon 6 years, 18 weeks ago
Mineski beat MUFC before when they met, can they do it again?
Philippinespikertepe 6 years, 18 weeks ago
Win this match please.
PhilippinesvonN 6 years, 18 weeks ago
@4....yes they can beat it..mineski is always mineski...although julz is not present..they can do it..MUFC is a good team also but all in for mineski HF...go for gold...manny pacman pacquiao aura..bus yan!!! GL mineski powercolor PH..
Philippines901 6 years, 18 weeks ago
actually, MUFC is on a roooooll.


also, does anyone know who's playing what role in mineski?
PhilippinesHarveySpecter 6 years, 18 weeks ago
GG Noobs
PhilippinesD-killthemall 6 years, 18 weeks ago
pagpatuloy lang MINESKI!
win this one so that haters will shut their mouth!
MI FIGHTING! sky.gif
PhilippinesQwerty.Jhabz 6 years, 18 weeks ago
BrazilDjan 6 years, 18 weeks ago
MUFC ofc
PhilippineskindredSwag 6 years, 18 weeks ago
In MI, we Trust... :) Busssssssssss yan!
Philippinesmrjams 6 years, 18 weeks ago
Malaysialuck_syensin 6 years, 18 weeks ago
where can see this match anyone can tell me pls?
Australiathe.bouncer 6 years, 18 weeks ago
pretty even match...

history check...

Both Mineski and MUFC have identical record at "The International" (1-4).
Mineski wins TGX beating MUFC (and Orange) along the way.
MUFC getting 3rd at ESTC while Mineski lost to Orange at the round of 8.
MUFC is doing great at the current online tourneys.
Mineski is not invited or did not join any of the big online tourneys.

both teams are playing without their main hard-carry players...
MUFC is without Silvecross for the time being (replaced by Garfield).
Mineski is playing w/o Julz temporarily (Mski.Vash as stand-in).

signature hero:
Mineski = QOP

please correct me if im wrong. thanks ^^.gif
Viet Namphuchoidey1 6 years, 18 weeks ago
MUFC will win this game,they are strong now
Korea, Republic ofKenStyle 6 years, 18 weeks ago
definitely mufc will win this one because mineski are all fagg0ts
PhilippinesMakeSomeSense 6 years, 18 weeks ago
@15 just correction
silvercross left MUFC , joined MSPR
juLz has a passport issue but still a MI.Powercolor , right?
crrect me if im wrong hehe.gifhehe.gif
Philippinesdaveeeee123 6 years, 18 weeks ago
all in for mski..
#15 your correct !! happy.gif
PhilippinesKattyMu 6 years, 18 weeks ago
Mineski yan eh happy.gif
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