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iG.Y vs LGD


Rank: -

Country: China China

Clan: Invictus Gaming

60 % 40
21941 14628
137 bets 161


Rank: #3 (1,484 pts)

Country: China China

Clan: LGD.Taobao


Amount of bets: 298 ( 36,568)
Event: » WDC Qualifiers 2011
Best of: 1
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: September 22, 2011 at 14:30
Posted by: Heartz

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This content should be post on forum. But I prefer putting it here. wher is my lovest place - gosubet.

WDC reshedule and my last comment

Just check with this page.


To crews:

If somebody else or I don't let you know, no crew plans to change the info of gosubet on time.

When every crew is not live, I should find whom? Just see the bet going to be expired?
Why you crew create gosubet? Don't find such a poor excuse like this,

Mr Blue said:
You know its faster/easier to PM a GosuBet admin. We have a life outside of the site as well so please just wait. Also making people vote to bring you back into the crew won't work. I'm closing this before any unnecessary spam comes about.

PM is faster? Joke. Many people known serval matches were not updated on time yesterday. So Mr Blue, this is a clue implying you were out of site yesterday afternoon in CET time as well. So plase don't say "You know its faster/easier to PM a GosuBet admin" to me. You really don't know it. PM is easier? Yes. And it also states you are too lazy! And your word states one thing in your heart as well: "As a crew, I'm not responsible for this issue as long as I tried to do something like PM. No matter the result is good or bad." But actually you can avoid the issue happenning from the beginning.

If you can't manage gosubet efficently, just close it, retire from crew or find the right person to do it. This is the right thing you crew should do. Obviously you crew did nothing. I mean you lack of one crew managing Chinese match effectively after I was fired. You can't expect Tjy doing everthing.

Maybe I'm too serious on gosubet and most of you are just for fun. So I will stop stating anything on gosugamer before you got rage. I really love gosugamers, except gosucrews.
AustraliaChocolate_Cake 6 years, 22 weeks ago
i love the last part of your statement :)

@gosucrew - I think he deserves a second chance since he is so dedicated to the site.
MalaysiaPaiN- 6 years, 22 weeks ago
give him a chance.. He's so motivated and dedicated. sad.gif
PhilippinesKingZZ 6 years, 22 weeks ago
all in iG.Y! YYF got this!
Philippinessparta00 6 years, 22 weeks ago
KingZ all in LGD ZSMJ got this!
Philippinessparta00 6 years, 22 weeks ago
In ZSMJ we trust in you to bring back my tangoes!
Philippinesiii. 6 years, 22 weeks ago
it should be iG.Y vs PanDa
United Kingdomgtfree 6 years, 22 weeks ago
Bulgariadownfallofdoom 6 years, 22 weeks ago
YYF santa.gif
Denmarkhyouro 6 years, 22 weeks ago
#1 you just proved that releasing you from crew was a good move.

Thx for making our job easier.

Also, if you post this whine in bets,news,threads I will personally close it and if you continue doing it. Well then you probably know whats coming.
Iran, Islamic Republic ofbonGer 6 years, 22 weeks ago
no chance
Swedendigestivee 6 years, 22 weeks ago
#10 well he is probably good to have on the crew, though I agree that the post on #1 is working against him. but we need him / another person to handle chinese bets
PhilippinesTrollBoss 6 years, 22 weeks ago
me still believe in zsmj but me dont believe in gosucrew sky.gif okeeeeeh?
Brazilluc14n0 6 years, 22 weeks ago
Nice... Now we dont anyone with the resources that growlancer has. We seldom miss chinese games around here.. - -'
GreeceBeyondWonderland 6 years, 22 weeks ago
Any info for stream this ?
United Statesngazirrrrrrrrrrrrr 6 years, 22 weeks ago
Crew member comes here to flame poster who says schedule is changed. Does not fix schedule.
Philippinesdaemonu 6 years, 22 weeks ago
ZSMJ! manyhappy.gif
Philippinesangee 6 years, 22 weeks ago
More people with small bets bet on LGD. Less people with large bets bet on IG.Y. Gonna be more tangoes at stake , be careful bros. ^_^
Chinaapteryx 6 years, 22 weeks ago
changed´╝üit will be panda vs iG.Y
Chinathree0s 6 years, 22 weeks ago
I heard hyouro the most arrogant crew?
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