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The Gaming Explosion


It's been here all the while, sneeking, lurking, expanding slowly yet rapidly. We've seen it grow and been amazed; discussed it with the non-dedicated and watched documentaries, we've been debating and discussing all about it.

Yet did we realize the gaming evolution has come to this?

The World Series of Video Games World Tour, The Offical DreamHack Gaming Tournaments including GosuGamers' StarCraft and WarCraft tournaments, The Electronical Sports World Cup Preliminaries, Gamingeye WarCraft Tournaments, Console Tournaments, Exhibitions, Showmatches and Compos, 32 of the World's best WarCraft III gamers, several StarCraft top gamers and the Swedish Elite of Counter-Strike players - all under the roof of DreamHack.

ASUS, Antec, ATI, CREATIVE, PCGamer, ZyXEL, Symantec, Intel, Sennheiser, Datorbutiken, Telia and Bredbandsbolaget - everyone (!) want a piece of the cake. The cake: the money, the attention and the products.

All this gaming chaos looks more like South Korea South Korea to me than calm Jönköping in the middle of Sweden Sweden. While it's fantastic that's it's finally come to this, I all the same feel puzzled and slightly given up. Countless of administrators to get to know whom could turn out to become great partners in the future, countless of possibilities for us to gain sponsors and countless of places where could and should be promoted. And we need to be everywhere - at the same time to cover, take photos, get the latest and greatest news. It's like we're all drowning in the gaming explosion - surely with as many gains as pains! end.gif

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