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GigaTV goes international!

Giga Liga is one of the main attractions of the GigaTV channel. The Giga Liga is one of the more prestigous leagues we have in Europe. Although the majority of the competitors are german it's ranked very highly in Europe. The viewers are Germans since they can watch the Giga Liga through their Tv's at home. Although for us non-germans we also have the possibility to watch it via our beloved internet connection! However they have recently announced that they are going to start a new channel called Giga 2.

This channel will be broadcasted in both English and German, and will cover most aspects of our E-Sport community. It will be broadcasted all over the world through IP-TV for users that have subscribed for the service. There will be numerous numbers of hosts and commentators who will interview gamers and commentate various matches.

Giga 2 will be up and running by the 6th of June. They will also have a little presentation of the team of hosts who will be conducting interviews and mainly commentating matches throughout the E-Sport community.

Cologne, May 25th 2006 - "Advanced Gaming" is the slogan of GIGA 2, a new channel completely focused on eSports which will be brought to you by "GIGA DIGITAL Television GmbH". In style of a genuine sports channel, GIGA 2 will be presenting the best eSports has to offer to its subscribers. The channel will broadcast the most spectacular international events in English and German, bringing the incomparable atmosphere of the international tournaments to your living room. Six hours of fresh eSports content will be produced each day.

"We are evolving eSports while being able to reach more eSports fans at the same time," states Jens Hilgers (30), Chief Executive Officer and managing director of GIGA DIGITAL Television GmbH. "The new channel will raise eSports and GIGA to a whole new level."

GIGA 2 starts 6th of June and it promises to be an exciting launch! You will be able to view GIGA 2 all over the world using IP-TV technology. Eight highly skilled and well known eSports hosts will commentate the games from a brandnew and exclusive studio consisting of a shooter, a strategy and a sports set to shape the atmosphere for the games.

On the 6th of June GIGA 2 will also present a team of experts called the "competence team", who will attend the program and open an in-depth look into the eSports scene. Competent players and managers of different teams from all over Europe will be included.

GIGA 2 will be available for a small fee every month or in the near future by using the GIGA Premium Account. Subscribers need to be over the age of sixteen.


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