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<b>GosuBet Season VI Closed</b>


The sixth season of GosuBets is done, and we have two winners - PuertoRican and Dreamer-SPY! Now, GosuBet needs a break.

Many matchs have been added to the Database this season, and two betters have shown themselves as the best ones. Puerto Rico PuertoRican for StarCraft, and Czech Republic Dreamer-SPY for WarCraft III. GosuGamers will interview the two winners, expect them to be posted in a near future. Below are the Top 10 GosuBetters for each section.

GosuBet VI SC Highscore

#14794757ee838ea9296faef2bf4a4fc1f820fc6d32d03d886386c5e1cc3.gif 62188Puerto Rico PuertoRican
#24794757ee838ea9296faef2bf4a4fc1f820fc6d32d03d886386c5e1cc3.gif 41580Lithuania t.swd)Harse
#34794757ee838ea9296faef2bf4a4fc1f820fc6d32d03d886386c5e1cc3.gif 12125Mexico Revo-Mx
#44794757ee838ea9296faef2bf4a4fc1f820fc6d32d03d886386c5e1cc3.gif 12093China KnuSkool
#54794757ee838ea9296faef2bf4a4fc1f820fc6d32d03d886386c5e1cc3.gif 7610Russia PILAT
#64794757ee838ea9296faef2bf4a4fc1f820fc6d32d03d886386c5e1cc3.gif 7478Russia RiF)TanYa
#74794757ee838ea9296faef2bf4a4fc1f820fc6d32d03d886386c5e1cc3.gif 6956Spain MaZittO
#84794757ee838ea9296faef2bf4a4fc1f820fc6d32d03d886386c5e1cc3.gif 5782Finland loveeyes
#94794757ee838ea9296faef2bf4a4fc1f820fc6d32d03d886386c5e1cc3.gif 5778Germany LausNub
#104794757ee838ea9296faef2bf4a4fc1f820fc6d32d03d886386c5e1cc3.gif 5709Netherlands KattegaT

GosuBet VI WC3 Highscore

#1 989898002e9822ce3d5ef6a7e8bb6eb1fbd5ffa827f1134070773dfee3.gif 7940 Czech Republic Dreamer-SPY
#2 989898002e9822ce3d5ef6a7e8bb6eb1fbd5ffa827f1134070773dfee3.gif 6608 United States artofnightelf
#3 989898002e9822ce3d5ef6a7e8bb6eb1fbd5ffa827f1134070773dfee3.gif 6245 Sweden Raistlin
#4 989898002e9822ce3d5ef6a7e8bb6eb1fbd5ffa827f1134070773dfee3.gif 5716 Canada aTr.Ryu
#5 989898002e9822ce3d5ef6a7e8bb6eb1fbd5ffa827f1134070773dfee3.gif 5327 Sweden Winegum
#6 989898002e9822ce3d5ef6a7e8bb6eb1fbd5ffa827f1134070773dfee3.gif 1674 France Kassios
#7 989898002e9822ce3d5ef6a7e8bb6eb1fbd5ffa827f1134070773dfee3.gif 1444 Germany AuDeO[Shrine]
#8 989898002e9822ce3d5ef6a7e8bb6eb1fbd5ffa827f1134070773dfee3.gif 1247 Germany Nosywo
#9 989898002e9822ce3d5ef6a7e8bb6eb1fbd5ffa827f1134070773dfee3.gif 738 Poland cdn
#10 989898002e9822ce3d5ef6a7e8bb6eb1fbd5ffa827f1134070773dfee3.gif 607 Sweden nesseman

You will have to be patient to bet again. This season several bugs occured, that's why the Site Development team is going to work on the GosuBet code. Therefore, we have shut it down for a while, to solve all of the bugs.

Currently there is no GosuBet season running. GosuBet is under maintenance to correct bugs that were recently found.

During the maintenance, matches will still be added for the purpose of their results (to be saved in the result database) although you will not be able to bet on them.

We are expecting to be back within a weeks period of time, most likely next Sunday. Check the news section for more information about the start of the next season of GosuBet.

Please have patience while we work hard to give you a bugfree GosuBet.

/GosuGamers Development team

See you next season!

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