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WCG '08 host cities, apply now!


Hey, all governments around the world! There are only three weeks left, then the applications for hosting World Cyber Games 2008 will close. Hurry!

The World Cyber Games Committee (WCGC) announced that the applications for the host city of WCG in 2008 are due to May 20th. Applications are sent in by the city, who will have to bring out the best of information and the reasons why they should be chosen. Things that the WCGC will look in particular at is the location of the city, the infrastructure, financing and of course how the city is going to promote the event. "Once proposals are received, they will go through a set of processes including documentary screening and on-site due diligence" it can be read in the official press release.


WCG 2001 - Korea Seoul
WCG 2002 - Korea Daejeon
WCG 2003 - Korea Seoul
WCG 2004 - United States San Fransisco
WCG 2005 - Singapore Singapore
WCG 2006 - Italy Monza
WCG 2007 - United States Seattle
WCG 2008 - None ?

We'll know after WCG'06

We will know the host city for WCG'08 this year, most likely after the World Cyber Games 2006 in Monza, Italy. Although the applied host cities will go through a number of processes, such as documentary screening and such.

Asia, Asia, Asia, USA, Asia, Europe, USA, then what?

Having "host cities" for World Cyber Games started in 2002, when Daejeon, Korea was chosen at the host city. Previous years it was in Seoul, as well as it was in 2003. After that, the World Cyber Games moved to San Fransisco in USA, which was the year 2004. Last year it moved once again to Asia, in Singapore. This year it will be the first time that World Cyber Games Grand Final will be held in Europe - Monza Italy. However, next year WCG will pack their bags and set up the Grand Finals in the States again, this time in Seattle.

So go call your goverment up, and tell them to apply. It has been proved that a city hosting World Cyber Games Grand Final contributes to the development of economy and the IT infrastructure. And as WCG writes themselves, " spreads advanced e-Sport culture through cultural exchanges."

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