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Boss farming made even more profitable with today's hotfixes

Bosses will now drop guaranteed rares to for players with four or five stacks of Nephalem Valor, making their farming an even more attractive undertaking.

Today's (June 28th) hotfixes targeted the drop percentages of high level items (ilvl 61-63) for each act. As a result, each number got increased significantly, giving players much higher chances to gear up in the earlier stages of Inferno and even in late Hell.



The drop rates for high-end items (items level 61-63) have been increased for Acts III and IV of Hell difficulty and Acts I – IV of Inferno difficulty

The new approximate drop rates are as follows:

Hell – Act III and Act IV
iLvl 61: 9% to 13.9%
iLvl 62: 1.9% to 3.45%
iLvl 63: 0% (no change)

Inferno – Act I
iLvl 61: 17.7% to 23.9%
iLvl 62: 7.9% to 12.6%
iLvl 63: 2.0% to 4.8%

Inferno – Act II
iLvl 61: 18.6% to 23.3%
iLvl 62: 12.4% to 18.6%
iLvl 63: 4.1% to 9.3%

Inferno – Act III and Act IV
iLvl 61: 24.1% to 27.1%
iLvl 62: 16.1% to 21.7%
iLvl 63: 8.0% to 16.3%

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug with several items that would allow those items to block pathing when dropped on the ground
Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur when a player was interacting with environment objects (e.g. opening chests or clicking on a lectern)
Fixed several additional game and service crashes


Bosses are now guaranteed to drop at least 1 Rare item for players with 4 stacks of Nephalem Valor and at least 2 Rare items for players with 5 stacks of Nephalem Valor

One might find the final line of the hotfix notes strange, however, as Blizzard have said time and time again that they are against boss farming as a way to gear up. Patch 1.0.3. aimed to remedy this practice by allowing elite pack to drop guaranteed rare (or higher) loot to players with full stacks of Nephalem Valor, encouraging them to wander around and kill mobs, but changing the drop tables for bosses seems to be a step in the opposite direction.

Additionally, Blizzard have promised to post an article on magic find and specifically about swapping between combat gear and MF gear.

Source: Battle.net

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