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Luvsic joins Fnatic Academy

Image by: Fnatic.com

Team Fnatic grow one man bigger as today Chang Ho "Luvsic" Jo joins the Academy. If he proves himself and earns a graduation into the main roster, Luvsic will be competing alongside Oz, Moon, NightEnd, Alive and more.

Formerly of the now-defunct oGs, Luvsic first GSL appearance was during Code A July, when he made it to the top 16. Shortly thereafter, Luvsic achieved his greatest accomplishment to date, namely second place in the SAGAcity Invitational where he eliminated MarineKing, TOP, Minigun and Junwi before losing to tournament's champion Mvp.

Luvsic Wrote:
I haven't shown my skills and results when I was in team oGs. I feel really motivated to join a brilliant team like Fnatic. I will do my best in order to prove that I was a right choice for the team Fnatic. I also would like to thank all the manager for giving me such a great opportunity.

Fnatic Academy roster
Korea Ares
Korea DeParture
Korea Luvsic

Fnatic main roster
Korea Alive
Korea Oz
Korea Rain
Korea Moon
Romania NightEnd
France ToD
Korea ByuL

Source: Fnatic.com

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