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CONTEST: Enter our contests to join the giveaway for 100 Mists of Pandaria beta keys!


GosuGamers are happy to announce a series of Mists of Pandaria beta key contests! We have received 100 keys from Blizzard, and can now present to you the various ways for you to get a hold of a key! The contests are starting as you read this, make sure to join in to get access to Pandaria.

1. Quiz: World of WarCraft Lore (25 keys)
Take our World of WarCraft lore quiz! Answer all 10 questions and while we hope you can do it without selling your soul to Arthas, as long as you give us the right answers and is one of the lucky 25 in the random drawing, you will be awarded a beta key for World of WarCraft. These are the questions we want your answer from:

Who is Garrosh's father?
What other name did the original Lich King have?
Who was Medivh's apprentice?
What human commander's treatment of Kael'thas led to the Blood Elves's defection from the Alliance?
Who is Jaina's father?
Who was the first and original Death Knight?
Who are the four elemental lords?
How many children did Gruul have?
Who is the King of the vrykul?
What are the names of Arthas's two lieutenants?

Send in your answers together with your Battle.net account name and your first and last name to info[@]gosugamers[.]net before July 7.

2. World of WarCraft meme contest (25 keys)
Create the funniest internet meme on the world of Azeroth and be one of the 25 hand-picked winners to get a beta key.

Post your World of WarCraft meme in this thread along with your first name, last name and your Battle.net account email before July 7.

3. Social media (50 keys)
Like us and this photo on GosuGamers' Facebook page as well as comment on the photo with your first and last name as well as your Battle.net account email. Do this before July 7 and you will be in the random drawing raffle of 50 keys!


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