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Flash destroys Shine 3-1, advances to OSL semi finals


KT Rolster's bonjwa Young Ho "Flash" Lee dropped just a single set to Shine before making his way to the last Brood War OSL ever. There, he will meet the winner of Fantasy and Soo.

Flash's only lost in the series was on Neo Electric Circuit after Shine managed to glitch a drone north of Flash's main, put down a hatchery and a nydus network and poured a significant wave of lurkers, defilers and lings which thrashed the terran base under the protective veil of the Dark Swarm.

Still being down 1-2, Shine tried to be sneaky once again going for a burrow lings, hoping that he would trap and clear Flash's +1 bio push. A sixth-sense scan revealed Shine's plan, however, eradicating the zerg presence and winning Flash the game and the series.

By surviving the quarter finals, Flash has the unique chance to be the only person in the history of Brood War to have won four OSL titles - a feat that will not be beatable after the Starleague switches to StarCraft 2 in the next season.

Tving OSL Playoffs
Korea Jangbi3-1Korea Mini
Korea Zero3-1Korea Hyvaa
Korea Flash3-1Korea Shine
Korea FantasyVSKorea Soo

The last quarter final match of the OSL will be played on July 3rd when SKT's Fantasy will meet his zerg team-mate Soo.

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