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General12 years agoRadoslav "Nydra" Kolev

Tips from the pros: How to extend Diablo III's life cycle

Two of the most well known figures on the Diablo III scene - Athene and Kripparrian - both came out with videos suggesting what Blizzard should implement to make D3 better and create some actual end-game content.

Athene makes a number of points on how to alter the RMAH, what item stat should be nerfed and why, what is a good way to introduce a deeper level of end-game and a very cool idea about PvP arenas.

Kripparrian's video is a bit longer and it focuses on how to make PvE and PvP end game grinding enjoyable. Why stats from gear should be nerfed? What's the solution to making arenas more balanced and not affected too much by items? What are, in Krip's minds, "champion levels" and how they should work? All this and more in the video above.

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