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VODs: See IG beat LGD 2-0 to share ACE runner-up spot


Rank Pts W-D-L
1. China For.Love9 3-0-0
2. China TongFu 7 2-1-0
2. China IG 7 2-1-1
4. China LGD 6 2-0-2
5. China World Elite 5 1-2-0
6. China DT 4 1-1-1
6. China DK 4 1-1-1
8. China NA 2 0-2-1
9. China RD 0 0-0-3
9. China TL 0 0-0-3
Team captain Zeng "Faith" Hongda could lead his team to victory in the opening match of the fourth round of the ACE Professional Dota League. Invictus Gaming now slides up to a split second place together with TongFu.

The league continues today as DT.Club is set to go up against Radiance at 12:30 CET. Make sure to have placed your bets and follow the games on the streams provided.

ACE \ LGD vs. IG \ Game 1
China IG China LGD
Earthshaker ChuaN
Dragon Knight Zhou
Shadow Shaman Faith
Night Stalker YYF
Windrunner 430
Crystal Maiden DD
Anti-Mage Sylar
Tauren Chieftain ddc
Venomancer xiao8
Grand Magus Yao

Game 1

ACE \ LGD vs. IG \ Game 2
China IG China LGD
Prophet ChuaN
Dragon Knight Zhou
Tormented Soul Faith
Windrunner YYF
Grand Magus 430
Slayer DD
Anti-Mage Sylar
Shadow Demon ddc
Beastmaster xiao8
Dark Seer Yao

Game 2

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