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Boxer: 'I might switch to either Protoss or Zerg'

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"Actually I am half joking and half serious, but there is no law requiring me to play only Terran forever," says Boxer when asked if he is serious about switching races. The Emperor also comments on when he might return to active pro-gaming life.

In mid-April, Boxer announced that he will be taking a break from playing StarCraft 2 full time to treat his shoulder injury. In front of Gamechosun, who approached Boxer with the question when he'll be coming back to playing full time, the founder of team Slayers says that he "might return at Heart of the Swarm's release, or possibly sooner than that". SlayerS coach Cella thinks that the former is more likely.

- "Lately, he doesn't even play the game at all. I think that he will probably return with Heart of the Swarm."

Being asked if the long pause will affect him negatively, Boxer says that he's not too worried as Heart of the Swarm "would make the game completely new again, having everyone start from the beginning" plus there's StarCraft 2's convenient interface.

Although everything said thus far is all good news for the fans of the Emperor, it seems that the current state of the game might call for an unexpected move by Boxer: a race switch.

"It seems like things are continuously getting worse for Terran. I might switch to either Protoss or Zerg," BoxeR said. "Actually I am half joking and half serious, but there is no law requiring me to play only Terran forever. I think that being able to embrace other races easily is the one of the pros of Starcraft II."

Source: Gamespot

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