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TaekBangLeeSsang with an aggregate 4-9 in SC2 after SPL Round 1


The four best KeSPA players had it rough in the first round of the SK Planet Proleague as neither of them could finish with a positive score. Meanwhile, CJ's duo Effort and Hero[join] established itself as the best performing players in transition, having a collective set score of 9-1.

Round one of the hybrid SK Planet Proleague is done. The KeSPA pros finally started playing StarCraft 2 and tracking their performance has been a thrilling ride during all those weeks. Bonjwas struggled with the new game while teams that have often stood in the shadow of the titans like KT or SKT took the reins and rode the StarCraft 2 cart to leadership.

In the end, none of the TBLS made the breakthrough that their fans expected but this doesn't mean that these were uneventful five weeks.

The highlights of SPL Round 1:

Woongjin Stars lead the ranking with 6-1 in matches
Woongjin Stars are also the best performing team in SC2, having won all their SC2 Bo3's with a score of 15-4
Samsung KHAN are the best performing team in BW, having won 6 out of 7 series, with a score of 12-6
Effort and Hero[join] are the best performing players in SC2 (with 5-1 and 4-0, respectively)
As of the end of Round 1, Flash is the best SC2 player out of the TBLS, with 2 wins and 2 losses
As of the end of Round 2, Bisu is the worst SC2 player out of the TBLS, with 0 wins and 3 losses. He is also the only player in all the league to have a -3 score in StarCraft 2, which is, thus far, the lowest
SK Telecom's Rain is the player with the most SC2 games in this round (seven games, 3 wins and 4 losses)

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