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General12 years agoRadoslav "Nydra" Kolev

Lowely wins the WCS Combined Europe Nationals

The Belarusian zerg Anton "Lowely" Plebanovich defeated Fnatic's NightEnd 2-0 to be crowned the champion of the WCS Combined Europe National Finals. The title for Lowely comes with a $2,000 check and both him and NightEnd will get paid trips to the Europe continental finals later this year.

Lowely finished the tournament with a perfect 10-0 score blasting down the Swiss trio Lions, Wulverate and BiGs, as well as sYz before defeating NightEnd in the finals. The European Continentals will be the first major finals for Lowely after he failed to survive the NASL 3 wild cards and qualify for the 16-player main event.

WCS Combined Europea National Finals
1. Belarus Lowely, $2.000
2. Romania NightEnd, $1.000
3. Switzerland Bigs, $450
4. Bulgaria Giantt, $250

Still to be carried out are the national finals of Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine and United Kingdom.

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