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Six new players announced for Homestory Cup V


In a news post similar to their less-than-serious tournament the people surrounding Take have given away hints about half a dozen participants of their next cup. TLO, MaNa, Happy are most likely in the mix.

TakeTV.net released the following riddle hinting at the next six contenders who will visit Krefeld to take part in Homestory Cup V. These players will join Sleep, Nerchio, Kas and Golden on July 5th-8th in Take’s apartment, attempting replace MC as the reigning champion.


GosuGamers.net guesses:

1. Empire.Happy, who is usually to be found in the top GM ranks on EU.
2. mouz.MaNa, known for his Blink-heavy playstyle and recent winner of DreamHack Summer.
3. aTnDarKFoRcE, as is described by his Müsli-consumption.
4. Could either be fnatic.NightEnD with his high-pitched voice and the obvious reference to night, while others pointed out that it could be mouz.biGs, since the second image could be Lake Zurich.
5. Liquid'TLO. Mostly because it shows, well, a little 1.
6. TypeReal, the left one being his profile picture on many a website and the right one showing his score throughout the group stage at HSC IV.

Source: TakeTV.net

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