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VODs: ZerO clinch 3-1 win over hyvaa in OSL quarter


The Woongjin Stars Zerg Myung Woon "ZerO" Kim ranked sixth on the KeSPA ranking turned 0-1 into 3-1 in Tuesday's TVing OnGameNet Starleague quarter final against fellow Zerg Dae Kun "hyvaa" Shin of STX SouL (23rd on KeSPA). ZerO and last week's winner JangBi are now the first two out of four to reach the semi final of the concluding Starleague season. See the matches below.

Upcoming OSL matches
June 26: Shine[Kal] vs. FlaSh
FanTaSy vs. n.Die_soO

Game 1: hyvaa vs. ZerO @ Neo Ground Zero

Game 2: hyvaa vs. ZerO @ Neo Sniper Ridge

Game 3: hyvaa vs. ZerO @ Gladiator

Game 4: hyvaa vs. ZerO @ Neo Electric Circuit

Korea hyvaa vs. Korea ZerO
hyvaa>ZerO@ Neo Ground Zero
hyvaa<ZerO@ Neo Sniper Ridge
hyvaa<ZerO@ Gladiator
hyvaa<ZerO@ Neo Electric Circuit

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