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Pacific Badburn are GEST June champions


After two days of intense competition, Pacific Badburn and iZone found themselves as the last two teams standing. In an extremely close Best of Three series, Pacific BadBurn managed to edge out iZone 2-1 and earn the right to proclaim themselves GEST June Champions.

Game One
Philippines iZonePhilippines BadBurn
Sand KingTemplar AssassinGrand MagusWindrunnerPandaren BrewmasterShadow DemonQueen of PainAxeLord of AvernusNerubian Weaver

Game recap by Godz

iZone.Gigabyte used the trademark "pinoy" heroes with Templar Assassin to help deal with a tanky Pacific BadBurn Axe. The Windrunner tri-lane managed to give iZONE a strong early game lead and with Brewmaster providing a great mid-game initiation and crowd control in team fights, BadBurn never seemed able to fight on level footings. Ultimately nice micro prevented Abbadon from providing the backup to Axe he needed, and the BadBurn defence crumbled.

Game Two
Philippines BadBurnPhilippines iZone
EarthshakerDragon KnightShadow FiendFaerie DragonAncient ApparitionNaga SirenWindrunnerSand KingGrand MagusAxe

Game 2 was do or die for Pacific Badburn and they decided to go with a strong core of Dragon Knight and Shadow Fiend, whilst iZone, having banned out Goblin Techies yet again went for an Axe - Naga Siren carry line up.

A series of bad engages by iZone, overextending after ganks gave momentum to Badburn and Shadow Fiends farm, despite a tough start, started to increase at an astonishing rate. At the same time Dragon Knight was being left uncheck and he also racked up an impressive amount of gold.

The game-breaking point of the match came in the mid lane as a 4-0 fight for Pacific allowed them to take middle rax of iZone, and from then on it was all uphill for the Scourge and eventually the farm of Dragon Knight and Shadow Fiend was too much for them to handle. On to Game 3 we go.

Game Three
Philippines iZonePhilippines BadBurn
Shadow DemonWindrunnerDragon KnightAdmiral ProudmooreQueen of PainEarthshakerAncient ApparitionOmniknightMorphlingFaerie Dragon

We started off the deciding game with both sides putting a tri-lane on top lane, which led to a flurry of activity as the Sentinel sparked off the aggression which was well countered by Earthshaker and led to Firstblood for the Scourge. The toplane would continue to be bustling with kill after kill for both sides.

As the game progress Badburn started getting the better engages and built up a slight lead, while iZone focused more on towers. Nice coordination from Badburn with ES fissure, AA's ult and Pucks Blink silence lead to some nice kills as they cemented their kill lead. However, they were unable to push as iZone continued to pressure all lanes.

This inability would cost them dearly as just one misplay saw iZone able to take out mid tier 3 tower as well as a ranged rax and a little while later take the melee rax as well. The Sentinel seemed to be on course to take the crown killing off bottom rax shortly after.

Badburn had other things in mind however, a all-mid push saw Morphling able to rack up a Beyond Godlike streak and team-wipe iZone. Windrunners inexplicable decision to try and backdoor the Scourge top rax instead of porting back to defend saw Morphling manage to take out the World Tree despite mega-creeps and the best attempts of the Sentinel heroes who came out of the fountain only to get a shotgun to the face. Pacific Badburn are the champions of GEST June.

With the World Tree going down Pacific Badburn can proclaim themselves champions of GEST June! iZone have to unfortunately settle for second place while a revitalised Mineski PColor side take bronze.


Judgement time, results will be out soon. Stay tuned.

All replays have now been uploaded to our database. Click Here to relive the exciting action.

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