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Mineski take third place in GEST June


Mineski ensured that GEST June will consist of an all-Filipino podium as they beat Invasion Red in a thrilling game which came down to the wire.

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WindrunnerEarthshakerInvokerWitch DoctorMorphlingNaga SirenGrand MagusTidehunterHoly KnightLone Druid

From the get go we see Mineski picking up both Morphling as well as Bimbo's trademark invoker to secure themselves a good late game carry as well as decent mid game control while Invasion go for a pushing lineup with Naga, Chen as well as Lone Druid.

Bimbo puts up a masterclass in Sunstrikes in the early game, hitting Naga Siren not once, but twice after Chen sent him back to base on little more than 20 hit points. However, as Invoker scaled his skills, Rubick was also able to steal them and turn teamfights around in favour of Invasion. The first real teamfight of the game broke out at top lane with Witch Doctor managing to channel the full duration of her ultimate as well as a painful Chaos meteor, Defening Blast combo from Bimboker allowing Mineski to take a slight edge.

In the mean time both Morphling and Lone Druid were taking a leave of absence from these team fights, choosing instead to farm and farm they did, with Morphling managing a 13 minute linkens sphere and Lone Druid coming out with a radiance not long after. As the game dragged on it seemed to be anyone's game as teamfights ended with no sides as clear winners. Rubick was however exerting a significant amount of influence on these fights as he stole crucial spells such as Fissures and Waveforms.

By now the game was entering the epic stage, Naga Siren has managed to farm up a Heart making her incredibly hard to kill and after taking a third Roshan Invasion decided to push into Mineski's Base. They took the mid rax but unknowingly Morphling had decided to head top and successfully traded the top rax. This ninja-esqe play would set the trend for the later stages of the game as Morphling utilised his replicates to their full potential and backdoor-ed the bottom rax as well.

In a desperate attempt to end the game Invasion decided to smoke and go mid, but this would turn horribly wrong as who else but Morphling decided to head the other way and despite the best efforts of the Scourge team he somehow managed to take down the Throne in the presence of 5 Scourge heroes and hand Mineski the win.


Its Grand Finals time, how many have you gotten correct so far?

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