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GEST June reaches Semi-Final stage


Mineski are the first team to book their place in the semi-finals after they emerged victorious in their quarterfinal match against Ledion Dreamz. They are joined by Invasion, who beat compatriots Orange, Badburn and iZone, who knocked out defending champions MSIEvoGT.

Philippines MineskiPhilippines Dreamz
WindrunnerSlithereen GuardHoly KnightQueen of PainDemon WitchFaerie DragonShadow DemonDragon KnightMorphlingGrand Magus

Mineski show strength
Mineski dominated from the start of the game, with Owa's Queen of Pain racking up a Dominating streak within 5 minutes of the game, in the process showcasing their impressive teamplay with Windrunner putting on a masterclass of Body-blocking in the build up to one of those kills. Despite the early aggression, it was Dreamz who managed to claim the first tower at top but it was not enough to overturn the significant kill advantage.

Mineski captain Wootz went for a Dagon as a first item on his Chen as Mineski continued to exert their map dominance picking off key heroes and allowing Dreamz little to no farm. 15 minutes in Mineski had a 14-6 kill advantage. Dreamz did have their chances as a superb Hex-steal by Rubick allowed the Scourge kill of Chen before a mid-game teamfight broke out and stage a mini-comeback of sorts.

However it was still not enough as Mineski, after picking off Morphling took the mid rax at the 25 minute mark. This was the point of no return of Dreamz as Mineski closed out the game soon after, taking top rax and knocking Dreamz out of the tournament.

Malaysia OrangeMalaysia Invasion
InvokerCrystal MaidenEarthshakerEnigmaDoom BringerFaerie DragonHoly KnightTidehunterMorphlingGrand Magus

Invasion win Battle of Malaysians

Invasion red are the only non-Filipino team left standing in this months GEST tournament as they took out their compatriots in Orange. A well-farmed Morphling from was no match for Mushi's Doom Bringer as Orange fall out of the competition. The match started out evenly with both sides trading kills and towers, but eventually the free-farm on Morphling started to show and momentum started going the way of the Scourge.

The farm advantage showed as even an almost perfect teamfight from Orange, with a 4 man blackhole and Echo slam unable to hold off the Invasion Red push and Invasion managed to take top rax. They continued to exert their advantage and eventually Orange could no longer hold out and had to call the GG.

Philippines BadBurnIndonesia Ritter ART
Queen of PainAncient ApparitionOmniknightChaos KnightGoblin TechiesDark SeerDragon KnightTormented SoulWarlockMagnataur

Squeal, Squee and Spleen
Summary by ngazi

Badburn come out with highly mobile and strong laners in QoP and CK, and ART replied with a team-fight heavy strategy centered around the AoE and buff power of Sven Mag Leshrac Warlock and Dark Seer.

Immediately we see a problem with ART. Their buffs run out fast and their AoE combos are hard to land. But Badburn had one more card up their sleeve. The most imbalanced hero in the game, Techies forced ART to spend all their money on wards, stopped their pushing power, and held them in place when they had their buffs on.

QoP and CK simply kited and separated ART in the team fights and stopped the pushes they needed. Quickly ART found themselves trying to hold their own base, but without any hero-killing abilities and still forced to drain their gold on vision against Techies, the game was a lost cause and they typed out GG.

iZone knocked defending champions MSI out

In the last of our quarterfinals saw defending champions MSIEvoGT crash out of the competition after losing the iZone. In the only non-streamed match of the quarterfinals iZone upset the defending champions to book their semi-final place. More information about the match to come...

Semi Finals:
Philippines iZone vs Malaysia Invasion Red
Philippines Mineski vs Philippines BadBurn

Replays will be uploaded as soon as we receive them. Stay tuned for more updates.


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