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GEST: RedSpade: We'll be glad if we can notch up a win


We had a quick chat with Brunei squad RedSpade DotA just before the GIGABYTE E-Sport Tournament International DotA Cup. Team manager Yee Xiao "Hawaii" Hao tells us that his players have not been able to prepare to their fullest due to the poor internet provided in Brunei.

How have you prepared for the event?
- to be honest, the team have not prepare for this GEST due to our poor internet connection that is provided. We have difficult time training with other teams due to high pings/frequent disconnection and we could only rely on scrimming with local teams.

What do you and your team mates think of your group?
- As always, all of our opponents in our groups are strong established teams that could defeat each other at any given day. We just hope that we could perform our best and bring up a good fight.

How do you rate your chances of advancing to the playoffs?
- At this level, i would be glad if we could notch up a win against our opponents. haha! But still, we hope we could bring an upset during this coming June edition.

Looking back to the previous GEST editions, how satisfied are you with your placings and your performance?
- Looking back to the first edition, our team was badly ran over by all of our group opponents. But in the coming few editions, we managed to perform slightly better and have better teamwork.

What is your opinion on the system change, now that three teams instead of two advance?
- For me, I think it is better that 3 teams advance because this gives the teams an opportunity to play more games.

Do you have any roster changes coming up for the June edition?
- Yeap, we have always been facing roster problem for quite a while. 1 of our player is currently having work commitment so he couldn't train with us for some time which force us to look for a replacement. We are hoping that our captain, Wan could be able to play this Saturday as he is unsure which date he is leaving for a family trip.

Would you want GEST to move over to Dota 2 instead of WC3 DotA?
- Stay with WC3 Dota, we still need more WC3 Dota tournaments being held compare to Dota 2. Perhaps next year is the right change for Dota 2.


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