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TT1 leaves mTw, joins ROOT


On June 15th, German-based mTw announced that they will be releasing all their players but Dmytro "Dimaga" Filipchuk. Of the four, Canadian protoss Payam "TT1" Toghyan was the quickest to find a new home in the recently reformed ROOT Gaming.

As stated on MymTw.com, Rine, TT1, SonG and Underdark have been released as sustaining of a full StarCraft 2 roster is not an option since the number of notable SC2 team leagues outside South Korea is too low. Thus, according to mTw, the only option for them was to give the said players the chance to find bigger rosters.

And one of them has. Just a few minutes ago, ROOT's captain Catz announced that TT1 will be joining the team.

TT1 Wrote:
Hello everyone o_o, for the most part player interviews are extremely boring so I'll lay down some real talk instead of giving a generic statement on how happy I am to join ROOT. Im a player who has alot of pride when it comes to gaming, I love seeing foreigners beat top korean players at big events but I'll be honest, as much as it makes me happy I also can't help but to feel a bit envious whenever I see stuff like that happen. I dont play SC2 just to be another forgotten player once my career is over, I want to have my name remembered. My personal goal as a gamer has always been to gain the community's respect and most importantly that of my fellow comrades. The thing with root is that its more of a family as opposed to a team, I've known alot of the members for a long time and they're very close friends of mine. I'm positive that surrounding myself with a lot of my brothers will help give me the extra boost that I need to achieve my goals.

We're currently in the process of building up our team but I can promise you that once we have all our wheels rolling we'll make a name for ourselves not only in the NA scene but in the international scene as well. Please keep supporting ROOT and all of our players! I promise we won't let you down, luv u guys <3.

ROOT Gaming was reformed in May 15th with a roster consisting of Catz, Drewbie, KiWiKaKi, Destiny, Slush, and Fayth and in a period of one month picked up were also Vibe, Rotterdam, puCK and Fitzyhere.

ROOT Gaming roster
Peru Catz
United States Destiny
Canada Kiwikaki
Canada Drewbie
Canada Slush
Canada Fayth
Netherlands Rotterdam
United States Vibe
United States FitzyHere
United States Puck
Canada TT1

mTw roster
Ukraine Dimaga

Source: MymTw.com, Fragster.de, Team Liquid

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