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Video interviews with Flash, Jaedong, Stork, Soulkey: 'The passion of the fans is amazing'

Gamespot's Rod "Slasher" Breslau hunted down four of the KeSPA invitees for the MLG Spring Championship KeSPA expo tournament and talked to them how does it feel to be in front of the American crowd. Listen to what Flash, Jaedong and Soulkey all have to say.

Flash: 'Within a year I can close the skill gap in SC2'

Jaedong: 'Zerg in StarCraft 2 are better than Zerg in StarCraft 1'

Soulkey: 'All this cheering makes me want to come back to America'

Stork: 'I don't feel so sad about SC1 dying any more'

Source: Gamespot.com

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