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Pre-DreamHoN interviews

Heroes of Newerth websites interview fan favorites to gather insight into the inner workings of their teams, how they prepare for DreamHack, who their biggest competition will be and a myriad of other topics.

HoN-News.com interview with Germany Jascha 'NoVa' Markuse of FnaticRaidCall:

"I know it’s not fair to compare Dota2 and HoN competitive scene, but do you still follow the HoN one, what do you think about the current status of it? Especially with teams like BxF, TiG (that were not top teams when you left the scene) dominating nowadays."

I don’t think my opinion is really objective. Insania and Khezu, players for Blackfade, are good friends of mine and I rate them higher than most people I talk with. Obviously I played a lot with them back then and have seen what they are capable of. I can’t say much about their teammates though.

TiG? TiG is .. TiG. Somehow I doubt they will stick together for longer (several months) and unfortunately I can’t say I respect them more than, say, tdM or TteS. Even when they are playing DHS with a ringer I would rate TteS higher than TiG.

But I’m not really following the HoN scene and I’m always in for a surprise.

ItsGosu.com interview with Denmark Jeppe 'Haxxeren' Jensen of Team It's Gosu:

"Why do you think the team has improved so much? What had to happen and what made it happen?"

In the start, the team was kinda separated. Pallet and I were a team and Chessie and Limmp were a team. We didn’t really have that much synergy together back then, but we tried a lot of lineups and different playstyles, and after some months, we finally found the synergy together and started to play flawlessly. The lineups was also an issue. We didn’t really have a play style we could adapt to when we played, but now we have tons of lineups and can play every kind of style the enemy team plays. People call us tank pickers and whatever, but as long as they don’t beat us they can’t complain.

Blackfade.org interview with UnitedStates Zakari 'ZFreeK' Freedman of Trademark eSports:

"What are your DreamHack Summer 2012 predictions? Who will come out on top and who will earn their spot from the BYOC Qualifier? Is there any team that your brother 'swindlemelonzz' needs to be worried about?"

I think the teams to come out on top at this event are going to be the standard ones in no particular order. As for who will win the BYOC, it's truly anybodies game with the Bo1 format. From Honportal, Monomaniac, Better Looking Than You, Ayy Man and Team It's Gosu; to any unknown Swedish team that finds something cheesy that wins. Although, I believe one of the aforementioned teams will be the winner of BYOC, and that I of course hope it's Monomaniac.

Blackfade.org interview with Sweden Aydin 'Insania' Sarkohi of Blackfade.org:

"I understand most of the teams preparing for DreamHack are having some sort of training beforehand (bootcamping). Are you taking this time to go over lineups and strategies that have worked for you in the past or are you trying out new possibilities."

Yeah, if I got it right a majority of the teams that are attending the event are going to be bootcamping before the actual event which of course will make the competition harder but also more fun, because people will discover new lineups and heroes. As for going over lineups and strategies, we've had a couple lineups we prepared for DreamHack quite some time ago which we have been working on on secret accounts, so without giving too much away, yeah we have been trying out new heroes.

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