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SoLeN becomes Monomaniac eSports fifth

Fragster.de reports that quartet in Monomaniac eSports has picked up Danish player Sebastian "SoLeN" Kjær in time for the Heroes of Newerth tournament at DreamHack.

Monomaniac, one of the teams participating in the BYOC qualifier, is a strong looking contender for the final spot in the main tournament on Saturday. Team captain Love 'Fittske' Brändström hails from the successful Lions eSportklubb, NASL Season 2 champions, and tdM star Kyle 'Swindlemelonzz' Freedman, the roster alone should inflict respect on to the other BYOC participants.

The former team mate of Love 'Fittske' Brändström and Oscar 'Reelo' Ljungberg - Johan "Mynuts" Andersson - had according to sources, mentioned as rumours, to Fragster no time for practice and lacked motivation.

The BYOC tournament will not be a walk in the park for the Monomaniacs, as well-known teams as BX3 Multicasters, Its GoSu, HoNPortal and The Nineties are listed in the participant list.

Sweden Love 'Fittske' Brändström
Sweden Oscar 'Reelo' Ljungberg
Sweden Emil 'Getviolator' Thurnberg
United States Kyle 'Swindlemelonzz' Freedman
Denmark Sebastian 'SoLeN' Kjær

Source: Fragster.de

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