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LawLiet, Lucifer, Fly100% undefeated in AWC group stage start


With the repechage matches over, the Round of 16 of the MainBlock A1 Warcraft III World Championship could kick off on May 29. After today, with JuYeon "LawLiet" Jo's 2-0 victory over SeokHwan "Bisu" Oh, the full first round is played and the second can commence.

LawLiet made sure to follow Fly100%'s and Lucifer's 2-0 club by not dropping a game against his Night Elf buddy Bisu, not to be confused with the StarCraft player. Lucifer, who was snubbed by the StarsWar Korea qualifier spot when he lost to Lyn, was able to overcome his Orc demons and defeat Chobo to sit in the front row with Fly100%, who calmed the weather and brought StoRm down to earth with a 2-0 score.

You can check out all the replays from the MainBlock sponsored event in our replay vault. If you are going to watch one or two games from this season, do make sure to download the game between Yumiko and Believe on Amazonia and the one where ReMinD defeats Infi on Secret Valley.

Stay tuned for more WarCraft 3 coverage on GosuGamers.

MainBlock A1 Warcraft III World Championship Ro16
Group A - China Fly100% 2:0 StoRm Korea
Fly100% > StoRm @ Ancient Isles
Fly100% > StoRm @ Secret Valley
Group A - Korea Lucifer 2:0 Chobo Korea
Lucifer > Chobo @ Twisted Meadows
Lucifer > Chobo @ Ancient Isles
Group B - Korea Reprisal 2:1 eMaL Korea
Reprisal < eMaL @ Secret Valley
Reprisal > eMaL @ Twisted Meadows
Reprisal > eMaL @ Turtle Rock
Group B - Korea FoCuS 2:1 TH000 China
FoCuS > TH000 @ Ancient Isles
FoCuS < TH000 @ Twisted Meadows
FoCuS > TH000 @ Secret Valley
Group C - China Infi 1:2 ReMinD Korea
Infi > ReMinD @ Turtle Rock
Infi < ReMinD @ Secret Valley
Infi < ReMinD @ Echo Isles
Group C - China Yumiko 1:2 Believe Korea
Yumiko < Believe @ Secret Valley
Yumiko > Believe @ Twisted Meadows
Yumiko < Believe @ Amazonia
Group D - Korea Lyn 2:1 KenShin China
Lyn > KenShin @ Ancient Isles
Lyn < KenShin @ Echo Isles
Lyn > KenShin @ Twisted Meadows
Group D - Korea LawLiet 2:0 Bisu Korea
LawLiet > Bisu @ Turtle Rock
LawLiet > Bisu @ Last Refuge 1.3

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