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General12 years agoRadoslav "Nydra" Kolev

SK Planet Proleague: Week 3 VODs available


Start catching up with the third week of SPL matches by visiting Play.GosuGamers.net for full VOD coverage. Watch Bisu, Stork, Effort and Fantasy battle it out in StarCraft 2 matches or take a spoon of Brood War action with Flash, Jangbi, SkyHigh and Hydra.

VODs from the following week 3 series are fresh at https://www.gosugamers.net.

SPL Week 3
KT RolsterVSSTX Soul
Samsung KHANVSSK Telecom T1
Woongjin StarsVSAir Force ACE
CJ EntusVSSamsung KHAN

Find out if Effort was able to maintain his near immaculate record in televised SC2 games; could Stork and Bisu recover from their opening SC2 losses weeks one and two respectively; and did Flash manage to secure a third SPL victory in a row and pull back KT Rolster from a negative 1-2 score.

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