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All heroics in Mists of Pandaria open for testing


All of the heroics in the Mists of Pandaria beta are now open for testing, but it's not easily accessed because of the extra-high gear level requirement.

By simulating a higher level and lowering the gear level of 440 via a hotfix, Blizzard will make it easier for players to get into the heroics via the Dungeon Finder.

Testing Heroic Dungeons

Currently for a player to enter into a Heroic Dungeon through the Dungeon Finder system requires an item level of 440. Currently, this is a more difficult bar to clear in the beta that it will be in the final live game.

We're going to work towards hotfixing that value down, but at the same time use some new magic we have to simulate a higher level. When that change gets applied, I'll edit this thread with the news.

In the meantime, you can actually go old school to test the dungeons. Form a group, then head in through the entrance!

I'm making feedback threads for them all, since they're all open.

Game designers does however mention they are looking into a common error on characters getting stuck on the loading screen trying to go through the front entrance.

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