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E3 2012: Microsoft's Promising Start

4893fd790095f50ba39b297ef06c5a714f247f6716ae4e3e2a7111bf17.jpgGosuGamers editor Lauro "Geno" Pangilinan dives into the E3 Expo, and attended the Microsoft podium to see what they had in store for 2012.

- "Microsoft was the first one out of the big three to kick off E3 with their keynote and it had a very promising beginning but fell apart as the show went on. Revealing the game play for the new Halo and Splinter Cell: Blacklist made the conference look really promising because of the aggressive start but that was all we were going to get, a promising start. The theme of Microsoft's conference this year was Kinect and it came in full force," writes Pangilinan in the blog entry on the Microsoft press release.

"I am not a huge fan of the Halo franchise but the game play and the trailer shown convinced me to sit down and give the game a try. There was only a single player demo in a jungle that demonstrated some of MasterChief's gadgets but there was no online play to be seen."


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